COLOFON THE DUTCH DICKENSIAN, VOLUME XXI, DECEMBER 2001, NO.41 Elizabeth Dickens. Watercolonr by Clarkson Stanfield Elizabeth Dickens 1789 - 1863. Daughter of Charles Barrow. She married John Dickens in 1809 and became a mother of Charles Dickens and seven other children. Although she appears to devoted much time to cultivating her eldest son's mind and teaching him in early years, her attitude to his employment at Warrens Blacking Warehouse caused him to turn against her, and cool relations seem to have existed between them until her death. Dickens caricatured her as Mrs. Nickleby. The Dutch Dickensian is een uitgave van de Haarlem Branch van de Dickens Fellowship Redactie: Cees van Steijnen en Guus de Landtsheer Redactie-adres: Bloemendaalseweg 293, 2051 GG Overveen Secretariaat Haarlem Branch: Kanaaldijk 81 1454 AC Watergang The Dutch Dickensian is alleen verkrijgbaar voor leden van de Haarlem Branch van de DickensF ellowship Bestuur Haarlem Branch: P.M. Ferdinandusse, voorzitter Pieter de Groot, secretaris M. David, penningmeester

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